annieversary's soundcloud improvement ublock rules


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here's a few ublock rules to make soundcloud nicer to use. to use them, go into the ublock dashboard, then into My Filters. there, paste the ones you want, and hit Apply changes

this first set removes soundcloud promotional material (things like Go+, Next Pro):

! remove "50% of free uploads used" section

! "try go+" button

! "try next pro" button

! mastering button. who masters using soundcloud lol

! "for artists" button

the following rules hide things i don't care about, such as the trending and charts:

! charts"Charts"))"Trending"))

! covid donate button

these next ones prevent brainworms. it always upsets me if i post a song and it gets less plays/likes/comments than i had hoped for, so these rules will hide stat counters for just your own songs. make sure to replace YOURUSERNAME with your actual soundcloud username

! remove "you have 46 plays in the last 7 days" block

! remove play/like/comment count on your songs[href="/YOURUSERNAME"]) .sc-ministats-group[href="/YOURUSERNAME"]) .sc-button-like[href^="/YOURUSERNAME"])
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