on britishness

Annie Versary (from here on The Subject) would like to clarify and restate that it is Not in fact citizen of the United Kingdom or any of it's constituent countries. It has never had a United Kingdom passport, and it does not even have the ability to obtain one at this moment in time. The Subject would like to remark that it is only living in the United Kingdom for reasons of lesbianism, which in The Subject's opinion should exclude it from any claims of britishness, englishness, or any other wild, untrue accusations of the sort. The Subject would also like to restate and strongly convey how it is not and has never been of british origin, descent, or nationality. It would also like to provide the fact that English was actually it's third language, which is actually quite far from being "native". The Subject is strongly opposed to being classified as "british", and would quite like if people stopped calling it so. The Subject also wants to add that "complaining about the weather" does not actually make it british, since "the weather in the UK is actually quite fucked up and british people have all the right to complain, it's bullshit". Lastly, The Subject would like to make it known that it has only had Scotched Eggs once and it was due to the insistence of a friend. The Subject has also only tried Marmite once, also due to peer pressure from british people in it's close circle. The Subject regrets both actions and would like to make it clear that they will not be repeated.

With this, The Subject hopes this matter can be once and for all settled and clarified.

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